How did it all started


How did BRNE get started?

People have asked me the same question over and over again:
How did BRNE get started?

The short answer is like most things in my life, developed from my own needs.
My boyfriend and I were living on Saaremaa, a small island in the Baltic where he owned a furniture company (still has, but now he is my ex-boyfriend).

During furniture production, several of pieces of wood was left over that was useless as furniture material. So I began to pick up the best bits and collected them.

In our home, we needed a new cutting tray and some plates, usual additions to a cosy kitchen. Yet, the materials were all there under my nose. My boyfriend wasn’t exactly thrilled about finishing the cutting board for our home and said that if you wanted it that badly, then do it yourself.

And so I did.

I enjoyed it because it reminded me of my grandfather all the time. He had a garage, all full of random bits and pieces. He built everything by himself - lawn mover, smoke oven, swing… you name it.

I really enjoyed it, and once my friends and family saw the plates and trays they were sold on my craftsmanship. Soon, my wooden products were available in local craftsmen shops.
As I have always been keen on leather, I started to about adding extra value to the wooden products.

First, the table mats were born. Then the coffee cosy; oh this was a must. It was a solution to a problem in my home. By the time I was fully awake and ready to sit down to have my coffee, it was cooled down (I need hot coffee to function in the morning!) I had leather so devised another idea.

With all my products it is not like I sit down and start to think about what to produce and sell. My inspiration is born out of the very necessities we need in life, a little at a time, step by step.

It's more like a journey. You know where you wanna go, you have your goals and dreams, but the drive is essential.
You can't predict what people want, merely take the first step and go. I will continue my road, and I would be thrilled if you can join me in my passions for all things lifestyle design. It's going to be awesome, so let's go!

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