From lavishly hand-crafted leather to stunning lifestyle products, the design team lead by Riin Sumberg at Brne Luxury Design expertly reflect your distinguished personal taste and style. Brne Luxury Design was established on the island of Saaremaa off the coast of Estonia, nestled between the Scandinavian and Baltic coastlines. 

Brne’s lead designers are passionate at combining the island’s natural materials with superior hand-craftsmanship to offer luxury lifestyle products that are admired the world over.


Riin Sumberg is a Saaremaa local, having been born and bred on the island. From an early age she explored the islands idyllic landscape and quickly identified a passion for all things natural - specifically how materials can be combined together to craft wonderful personal and homely possessions.  

Riin founded Brne in 2012, designing Baltic and Scandinavian themed luxury high-end lifestyle products from her home on the island.  When not designing, you’ll find her walking the beaches of Saaremaa, and participating in her passions of playing tennis, running and kitesurfing.


The largest island in Estonia, Saaremaa literally means “island land” in English. Famed for its spas, beaches and traditional villages,
Saaremaa is astonishingly beautiful, visited by locals and tourists alike each year.

A highway to trade, visitors and invaders; Saaremaa has Viking, Estonian, German, Danish and Swedish influences; all fused into its rich history and way of life. Saaremaa’s designs and way of life remain core to Brne’s products and designs, offering a little taste of Saaremaa within your very own home.