BRNE brand was established in 2012 in island Saaremaa. Love for the nature, natural materials and design were the reasons I found myself in wood workshop. Also I love to cook and so were first wooden trays born, first wooden plates were born, one by one. To grind the wood in the middle of dust growth respect for this material every day.
Every piece is unique, every piece is special and different.
Next to the wood I have always had a passion for another material - leather. To combine those two materials in interior, it gives warmth and the feeling of nature. BRNE products are handmade from carefully chosen natural materials. Wood comes from Saaremaa forests and goes to the best craftsmen. Leather goods are made by the oldest and the best leather master in Saaremaa. Every product has its own story because of the variety of those materials and unique pattern.
"When it comes to interior design, getting unique pieces that feel personal is the key to success.  As your home is your castle, so decorating it is pretty important."

Riin Sumberg